Junior Research Fellow in Law

Andrea Dolcetti

  • I am a Research Associate in the Programme for the Foundations of Law and Constitutional Government in the Faculty of Law.

  • I am also a Corresponding Fellow of the Tarello Institute for Legal Philosophy (University of Genoa).

  • I am a member of the International Association of Constitutional Law’s research group on ‘Membership and Exclusion under Constitutions.’

  • I specialise in legal theory, public law, and legal methodology.

Andrea Dolcetti


At Oxford, I have taught Jurisprudence, Constitutional Law, Constitutional Theory and Comparative Constitutional Law.


My research engages with the complex socio-legal reality of the nation state, considering how recent processes of globalization may challenge our understanding of state institutions. I am currently focusing on the idea of state sovereignty and on the function of municipal law. I am also writing on the nature of legal norms.

I value interdisciplinary research and my work draws insights from philosophy, history, literature and politics. I enjoy collaborating with colleagues based in other jurisdictions and I have presented my research in the UK, Europe, Canada and Australia. I serve on the editorial boards of Revus: Journal for constitutional theory and philosophy of law and Analisi e Diritto (an international, multi-lingual journal in legal theory).

You can find out more about my work here.

Selected Publications

With GB Ratti, ‘Derogation and Defeasibility in International Law’, in L Bartels and F Paddeu (eds), Exceptions in International Law (Oxford University Press 2020) 

‘Popular Sovereignty, Constitutionalism, and the Indian Constitution’ (2019) 3 Indian Journal of Constitutional & Administrative Law

‘The central case method in The Nature of Legislative Intent’ (2019) 64 American Journal of Jurisprudence 41 

[Animals, Vegetarianism and Veganism] Animali, Vegetarianismo e Veganesimo’, in I Fanlo and P Donadoni (eds), Ambiente, Animali, Umani - Il Pensiero Bioetico di Silvana Castignone (Ledizioni 2018) 

With GB Ratti, ‘[Legal defeasibility as a complex systematic relationship] La derrotabilidad jurídica como relación sistemática compleja’ (2016) Analisi e Diritto 35

With GB Ratti, ‘Legal Disagreements and the Dual Nature of Law’, in W Waluchow and S Sciaraffa (eds), Philosophical Foundations of the Nature of Law (Oxford University Press 2013)

With L Duarte d’Almeida and J Edwards (eds), Reading HLA Hart’s The Concept of Law (Hart Publishing 2013)

Dr Dolcetti

I find my research exciting because the way in which we conceptualise certain problems and ideas reverberates throughout our choices.