Fellow and Tutor in Engineering Science

Alexander M. Korsunsky

Alexander Korsunsky


On the undergraduate course, I teach core tutorials on Structures and Mechanics (first year) and Structures, Materials and Dynamics (second year). For the third year, I teach specialist options in Solid Materials and Mechanics and I also supervise fourth-year research projects in this area. In the Department of Engineering Science, I lecture on all aspects of Materials and Mechanical Engineering. Recently, I supervised doctoral dissertations on topics ranging from additive manufacturing to advanced nano-optics for synchrotron beamlines.

FIB SEM 3D Tomography (Reconstruction)


I lead a broad front of research into materials engineering, from the structural integrity of advanced metallic alloys for aerospace to cathodes for lithium ion batteries to mineralised biological tissues. In my work, I make extensive use of synchrotron X-ray and neutron facilities, as well as advanced microscopy tools. My current interests concern the study of mineralised biological tissues, including bone, dentine and enamel. I study the healthy function of these alongside the effects of disease, seeking to improve the existing approaches to combatting diseases like tooth decay by combining advanced experiment and sophisticated modelling.

I collaborate closely with many academic and industrial partners, and maintain close ties with national large-scale facilities, including ISIS neutron spallation source and Diamond Light Source, both located at the Harwell Campus near Oxford. For many years I collaborate with Rolls-Royce plc consulting them on matters of structural integrity, materials characterisation, and processing.

I published over 400 papers in scholarly periodicals on subjects ranging from neutron and synchrotron X-ray diffraction analysis and the prediction of fatigue strength to micro-cantilever bio-sensors, and size effects and scaling transitions in systems and structures.

Alexander Korsunsky talking

Selected Publications

Korsunsky, A.M., Kalinina, O.Yu., Sapozhnikov, P.V., Everaerts, J., Salimon, A.I. ‘Pyrite “poste restante”: Intra-diatom framboids’, Materials Today (2020) (cover)

Lunt, A.J.G., Korsunsky, A.M., ‘Eigenstrain boundary layer modelling of the yttria-partially stabilised zirconia–porcelain interface in dental prostheses’, International Journal of Engineering Science (2020)

A Teaching Essay on Residual Stresses and Eigenstrains (Butterworth-Heinemann, 2017)

D.A. Hills, P.A. Kelly, D.N Dai, A.M. Korsunsky, Solution of Crack Problems. The Distributed Dislocation Technique (Springer, 2010)

Alexander Korsunsky and Andrei Constantinescu, Elasticity with MATHEMATICA. An Introduction to Continuum Mechanics and Linear Elasticity (Cambridge University Press, 2008)

Professor Korsunsky

My research group pursues studies of structure and properties of natural and engineered materials across the scales.