Lecturer in Economics

Alexander Haas

  • I do research in macroeconomics and monetary economics.

  • In two of my current research projects I study the effects of negative interest rate policies and the role of financial market frictions and liquidity and safety features of assets over the business cycle.

  • I am also affiliated the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin) and I am a Visiting Academic at the Bank of England.


At Trinity, I teach first- and second-year macroeconomics as well as quantitative methods to Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) and Economics and Management (EM) students. At the Department of Economics, I teach classes in first-year MPhil (graduate) macroeconomics.


In my research I am interested in macroeconomics and monetary economics. In particular, I study the interaction of conventional and unconventional monetary policy and financial markets with a focus on frictions in financial intermediation and liquidity.

You can find out more about my work on my website and on Twitter.

Selected Publications

With Oliver de Groot, ‘The Signalling Channel of Negative Interest Rates’ (2020) 

With Oliver de Groot, ‘Negative interest rate policies can signal a commitment to prolonged monetary accommodation, joint with Oliver de Groot’, VoxEU article (June 2020)

With Oliver de Groot, ‘The Negative Interest Rate Policy Experiment’ CESifo Forum article (April 2020)

Alexander Haas