Penny, Chemistry

“The tutors I’ve had have been really supportive of me throughout my degree and their passion for the subject has been contagious.”

Hi, I’m Penny and I’m a 4th year Chemist at Trinity. When I came to the university open day in September, I initially walked straight past Trinity because I thought it was a large college that didn’t match what I was looking for. It wasn’t until I went to the Chemistry Department, and was shown round by a student who mentioned that their college (Trinity) had the best food, friendliest people, accommodation for all 4 years, location right in the centre of town and small year group size that I then realised what I’d almost missed – the perfect college with everything I’d been after! After a quick look round, I made up my mind to apply here, and have been so happy with my choice ever since!

Trinity has large grounds, but a relatively small number of students. The beautiful grounds inside the college are lovely all year round, and the perfect escape from the busy town centre! Living in a village back at home, it’s nice to have big green spaces inside college to walk around on and sit outside (not possible at every college!). Whilst studying here, I was able to live on Broad Street in the main college grounds for the first two years, and then in college owned accommodation nearby on Woodstock Road for my final two years. Having accommodation provided for all 4 years has helped keep the cost down, and has also allowed me to stay living with all of my friends throughout my degree. It also meant I could stay close to not only everyone in my year, but also those in the years above and below; and it’s having these multiple years living together through the degree that I think is key in giving Trinity its strong community feel.

I chose Chemistry because I thought it was an interesting subject and liked the mixture of practical work and theory. The amount of chemistry the course covers is amazing, and if you’re keen to learn more chemistry there is really no better course! The tutors I’ve had have been really supportive of me throughout my degree and their passion for the subject has been contagious. I’ve just started my 4th year lab project in the Chemistry Research Laboratory. My project is in Organic chemistry, and I’m exploring new ways of making medium sized rings. It’s been exciting to start a project of my own, and I’m looking forward to seeing how it goes this year.

Outside of studying I love playing team sports. This year I’m captain of the University Women’s Football 2nds team, but whenever I’m free I also love playing for the college’s hockey and football teams. In first year, I also tried out rowing for the college’s team for the first time and also won blades in torpids (the rowing competition in Spring). I’ve illustrated for the Oxford Scientist magazine, been to several ceilidh dances (they’re so much fun!) and been to watch some plays performed at other colleges.
I’ve had a great time, and recommend you seriously looking into applying here too!