organ scholarship trials

We welcome applications for the organ scholar trials to be held in September 2018, for an organ scholarshiop to start in October 2019. We admit Organ Scholars studying for Music or for any other subject which is taught at Trinity, except Law, Engineering and Medicine.

At any one time, we have two Organ Scholars, each appointed for three years. We appoint to Organ Scholarships on a rotating basis so that on entry, you hold the Junior Organ Scholarship, and then take on the Senior Organ Scholarship in your second or third year. The Organ Scholars are responsible, in consultation with the Chaplain, for managing the choir as well as directing music in the chapel. They receive financial support towards their own organ lessons, and there are funds for professional singers to train the choir.

For more details about the organ scholarship at Trinity, see `How to apply`. Applicants are also welcome to email Rev Dr Emma Percy, the College Chaplain, if they have questions or would like to know more about Trinity`s organ scholarships. For details of the organ scholar trials organised by the Faculty of Music, click here.

Posted: 18 August 2018

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