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A Fellowship carries the dual obligation of teaching and research. Oxford relies on the national research councils for large-scale grants and the level of this funding is determined by the output of academics across the collegiate university.  In 2014, the date of the last research exercise, Oxford was ranked first in the country in the Research Excellence Framework, the national mechanism for assessment.  This is a striking achievement and one in which Trinity Fellows played their part.

The college provides Fellows with a research allowance which was recently increased to £1,300 p.a.  However, it can be costly to undertake research, collaborate with academics in other institutions and present papers at conferences. The college welcomes donations which make it possible to increase research allowances, whether for individuals, specific subjects or more generally.


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Making a donation

Gifts can be regular or one off and can be made in a number of ways. However you decide to give, your essential support is greatly appreciated.