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In order to maintain the broad curriculum that Trinity currently offers, and to ensure that students continue to benefit from a tutorial system that is the glory of teaching at Oxford, the endowment of teaching posts remains one of the college’s highest priorities.

Historically, Fellowships have been co-funded by the college and the University. However in recent years, Trinity has had to meet for the first five years the full costs of certain posts, or risk them being frozen. Given the uncertainty of University funding in the future, it is our aim to endow as many of the remaining  Tutorial Fellowships as possible at a cost of at least £2.5 million per post.

Fellowships in French, Law, Philosophy and Spanish have already been endowed as a result of donations from Old Members and Friends, in conjunction with a matched funding scheme set up by the University.

Currently Trinity is raising funds in order to safeguard the following subjects:


The college has a long and distinguished history of teaching Classics. Peter Brown, Trinity’s widely-respected Classics Fellow for more than forty years, had the foresight to recognise that the future of the subject could be at risk on his retirement: more than ten years ago, he started to raise money to endow the Classics Fellowship.


As it has for many years, Trinity continues to benefit from the presence of two History Fellows.  The Laithwaite Fellowship, which was held by Peter Carey until his retirement in 2008 and is now held by James McDougall, was partly endowed by Sir Gilbert Laithwaite (1912, Honorary Fellow 1955).  In 2008, Bryan Ward-Perkins encouraged the college to start raising money to fully fund the History Fellowship that is now held by Fanny Bessard.

Other Funding Priorities
Making a donation

Gifts can be regular or one off and can be made in a number of ways. However you decide to give, your essential support is greatly appreciated.