Student Experience

Women’s 1st VIII bump St Catz to win blades

Trinity Students enact "Alice in Wonderland" for the annual Lawns Play

Students practice music in the Chapel

Trinity is first and foremost an academic institution, but it recognises the importance of supporting student music, drama and sport. Such interests complement students’ studies and enable them to make the most of their time here.

Providing opportunities for students to take part in sport, regardless of the cost; to pursue theatrical interests here, in the wider university and beyond, and to practise and perform music enables them to maintain a balance between the demands of a heavy workload and the chance to relax and make friends with those in other years, disciplines and colleges. It is for this reason that we welcome gifts for sport, drama, music, clubs and societies.

Trinity has a wealth of long-standing student clubs and societies, many of which have benefited from the support of Old Members and Friends; without this they could not continue to flourish. This generosity has enabled the Boat Club to purchase a new boat for the women’s 1st VIII, provided new kit for the men’s football team and helped the choir to pay for the production of a CD, as well as supporting a number of other initiatives.

Other Funding Priorities
making a donation

Gifts can be regular or one off and can be made in a number of ways. However you decide to give, your essential support is greatly appreciated.