Sir Ivor Roberts Graduate Scholarship

The college continues to raise money for a graduate scholarship in the Humanities and Social Sciences, honouring Sir Ivor Roberts, who retired from the presidency earlier this year.

Most Home/EU students need about £25,000 p.a. to cover fees and living expenses and those from overseas face higher costs.  This is a very heavy burden, especially for those studying for a doctorate, which takes three years.  Full or partial support provided through a scholarship makes a tremendous difference to the recipient and is essential if the college is to attract the most able applicants.

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How much do we need?

✓ When the appeal passed £100,000, the college agreed to invest the money to create an endowment fund.  The income produced by this investment will ensure that the scholarship exists in perpetuity.  The total now exceeds £400,000.

  • £ 500,000 would cover all the fees and half the living costs of a Home/EU graduate student
  • £ 600,000 would cover all the fees of an overseas graduate student
  • £ 800,000 would cover all the fees and all the living costs of a Home/EU graduate student
  • £1,000,000 would cover all the fees and living costs of a graduate from anywhere in the world

The more money that is raised, the closer the scholarship will come to covering not only the fees, but also the living costs of recipients from anywhere in the world.  Should the target be passed, the scholarship would be awarded to more than one student at any given time.

Why do we need your help now?

If we are able to reach £536,552 in gifts and pledges by the end of 2017, it is possible that the college might secure matched funding from the University .  Such funding would ensure that the income from the endowment would cover all the fees and living costs of a Home/EU student.  We would then continue to raise money in order to open up the scholarship to students from anywhere in the world.

Progress to date

The total raised has passed £400,000 and we could not be more grateful  to everyone who has supported the appeal.  We hope that further donations will enable us to reach £536,552 before too long and give the college a good chance of attracting matched funding from the University.

371 people and organisations have now made a gift to the scholarship in sums ranging from £10 to £50,000 and we hope that many more Old Members and Friends will follow their example.

If you would like to make a donation, please click here.

We hope that all Old Members and Friends will support Trinity’s graduate community by making a gift to endow the scholarship that will bear Sir Ivor’s name.  Whatever amount you feel comfortable in giving, your support is greatly appreciated.  Every donation you make now will help a graduate student at Trinity in the future.