Buildings & Facilities

The Levine Building will transform the life of students, staff and visitors by providing the modern facilities that are expected of a leading educational establishment.

While the buildings and grounds make Trinity the attractive environment to which so many students are drawn, their Grade I status means they are costly to maintain.  In addition to the upkeep of the buildings and grounds, there is a continual need to improve study bedrooms, update IT facilities, replace books in the Library, subscribe to essential online journals and ensure that the college is as energy efficient as possible.  It is a significant financial burden and donations from Old Members and Friends are instrumental in allowing us to make ongoing improvements.


Donations to the library enable the college to provide up-to-date books, journals and electronic resources for the student body.

Other Funding Priorities
Making a donation

Gifts can be regular or 'one off' and can be made in a number of ways. However you decide to give, your support is essential to the college and is greatly appreciated.