Access & Undergraduate Support

For Trinity to continue to attract excellent students, it is vital that everyone with the requisite academic ability knows they can succeed here, whatever their background or personal circumstances.

The college’s Access and Admissions Officer works to encourage potential applicants through an extensive programme of Open Days, school workshops and residential visits. This allows Trinity to show what it has to offer to a wide audience, including groups that do not have experience of applying to Oxford, and also helps to dispel discouraging negative myths about Oxford.

The University has in place one of the country’s most generous student support packages, but even that is not enough. Since the government’s cuts to university funding and the consequent increase in tuition fees, the need for college-based support has more than doubled, especially for those from the ‘squeezed middle’.

Trinity has been able to address this need thanks to the generosity of Old Members and Friends, and we hope it will continue to do so in the future.



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