£2M ERC Electrolyte Research Grant for Susan Perkin

9 December 2020

Trinity Chemistry Fellow Susan Perkin has been awarded a grant of £2 million from the European Research Council (ERC) to support a project investigating concentrated electrolytes. She is one of eight Oxford University researchers to be awarded grants as part of the Consolidator Grant competition for mid-career researchers. The funding is part of the EU’s current research and innovation programme, Horizon 2020, and worth in total €655 million.

Professor Perkin’s ELECTROLYTE project will study electrolytic materials ranging from battery electrolytes to the interior of halophilic organisms, with the aim of uncovering the fundamental physical principles determining their collective properties and interactions. 

Professor Perkin says of the award: ‘This grant from the European Research Council will enable our experimental and theoretical work looking into the fundamental nature of interactions and structure in concentrated electrolytes. I am excited about the prospect of getting starting on this work together with my team, and honoured to work under the auspices of the ERC.’

ERC  President  Professor  Jean-Pierre  Bourguignon, commented, ‘This funding not only empowers bright minds from across Europe to pursue their most ambitious ideas at  a critical  stage of  their careers, but also helps train the youngest  generation of researchers as  members of  their ERC teams. To prepare for the challenges of tomorrow, Europe must stick to the vision of investing infrontier research, which has proved time and again its crucial added value.’