Oliver Bultitude, 2001 - 2021

5 February 2021

Trinity College is deeply saddened by the death of first-year PPE student Oliver Bultitude, who died at home on Sunday 31 January after a long illness. 
The College President Dame Hilary Boulding says: ‘In his short time at Trinity Oliver touched many lives.  In just one term he made an impact – academically, socially, in the way he managed the challenges related to his health, as a good friend to many students and as a best friend to his circle of close friends.  He settled into academic work remarkably smoothly and quickly and, with a maturity beyond his years, he balanced this with the many other thrills and distractions of a first term at university, along with the care and consideration he needed to give to his health.  In that short term, he lived life to the full and he drew on his considerable talents.
‘He packed so much into just one term and will leave his own very special legacy as an exceptional young man, full of promise.  We will mourn him and miss him and the light he brought to Trinity.’