Mileage Challenge Goes Above and Beyond During COVID

18th December 2020

A virtual physical challenge taken up by Trinity College staff has seen them cross the UK and now the world in exercise mileage. Originally set as a challenge to encourage physical activity and communication across teams by taking part in a shared competition, nearly 20 staff members from Trinity managed to walk the distance from John O’Groats to Lands End by early May. Over subsequent months the team has clocked enough mileage by walking, jogging, cycling and cross-training to reach Canberra in Australia on 6 December. 

Deputy Head Porter Martin Wizard’s impressive cycling mileage led the way – with over 7,000 miles posted over the 8 months. Second chef Jonathan Clarke and UGA Summer School Director Jamie McClung each cycled and spin-trained their way to over 3,000 and 2,000 miles, respectively. 

Domestic Bursar Lynne Adam says: ‘At the start of lockdown in March we decided to set ourselves a physical challenge, inspired by the Scouts “walk to the moon”. With so many of our staff furloughed, we were keen to encourage physical activity, staying well and communication across teams. We were also thrilled to become a truly international team when joined by our friends at UGA. I’m delighted to report we have far exceeded our original goal and are still going! Particular thanks goes to Jon Flint, SCR Steward, who coordinated mileage, and diligently plotted progress.’

The team has now embarked on the return trip to Oxford from Canberra and will continue tallying mileage via Strava and other fitness tracker apps. 

Trinity Domestic Bursar Lynne Adam sits on her bicycle with two sons in front of her.
Domestic Bursar Lynne Adam and her sons on one of their lockdown bicycle rides.
Jonathan Flint wears a red shirt working on a cross trainer in the dark.
SCR Steward Jon Flint's mileage came from the cross-trainer at the bottom of his garden.
Jamie McClung rides a mountain bike in a mountain bike trail.
UGA Oxford Director Jamie McClung took advantage of the American outdoors to do some mountain bike mileage on top of his spin training.