Admissions 2020 Statement from Trinity's President

18 August 2020

Update 18 August: Following today’s announcement by Ofqual that awarded A Level grades will revert to teacher centre assessed grades, we are pleased to be able to confirm the places of any outstanding offer-holders on this basis.

Trinity College has the greatest admiration for all its offer holders for 2020 who have had to contend with a most challenging past six months. We are also very sympathetic to the distress caused to a number of our offer holders by the uncertainties around the awarded A-level results. We have worked in close liaison with our colleagues throughout the University of Oxford to ensure a fair and compassionate resolution. In recognition of the academic achievement and potential of this exceptional cohort of offer holders, we are very pleased to confirm that we shall honour all the places offered at Trinty College, with entry for either 2020 or 2021 (depending on availability by course). We congratulate all our offer holders, and look forward to welcoming them to Trinity.

Statement from the President, 16 August 2020:

Trinity College has the greatest sympathy for all of this year’s A-level students who have faced additional pressure and uncertainty because of the coronavirus pandemic. We congratulate the many students who have had their offer of a place to study at Trinity confirmed, despite these challenging circumstances. We also understand the intense disappointment of applicants who were successful in the rigorous University admissions process but who have received A-level results which do not meet their conditional offers and we note the difficulties occasioned by the exceptional process by which these grades were awarded in 2020.

In recent years Trinity has been explicit about its aim to be an inclusive community that welcomes and values students from the widest range of backgrounds, and one that more fully reflects the diversity of the UK school population. Oxford does not make decisions based on grades alone and selecting the most academically able candidates, particularly those from the most disadvantaged backgrounds, is central to the University’s and Trinity’s standards of inclusion and academic excellence. We also look at options for flexibility where there are compelling mitigating circumstances when an applicant misses a grade.

Because of the particular disruption to final-year school students as a result of COVID, we have aimed to offer the maximum number of places this year, bringing into use every available room to accommodate additional students.

Despite the issues caused by the A-level moderation process, Trinity is on course to admit in October its highest ever proportion of UK state school students, with 68% of our incoming UK students coming from the state sector. In considering the particular circumstances of each applicant, we have confirmed places to 100% of offer holders from the most disadvantaged backgrounds as defined by Oxford’s metrics.

Having reached our maximum intake of undergraduates for 2020/21, we are giving careful consideration to the small number of offer holders in the current admissions round whose places we have not yet been able to confirm on the basis of the A level or other qualification grades awarded this summer. We are actively and urgently exploring the options for this small group.

We very much look forward to welcoming all our new students.

Dame Hilary Boulding