Student Online Outreach

In response to lock down in March, we promptly moved as much of our student outreach online as possible. Having had some exciting success with this, we intend to continue to offer virtual sessions for individual students and for schools where this is more practical than in-person sessions.

Recorded Sessions:

We have recorded our stock information sessions for all year groups, more details can be found below. We’d love for as many students as possible to have access to these recordings so, whether you are a student or a teacher, please do not hesitate to get in touch and request them by emailing

Recorded sessions available for request:

Year group Title of the session Description
Year 12-13 Competitive universities and student life This session focuses on what life is like practically at competitive universities with a particular focus on Oxford. It covers choosing your course, teaching, careers, university societies, accommodation, support and finance.
Year 12-13 The application process and how to apply This session focuses on the application process for competitive universities and how to prepare. It includes specific advice about the Oxbridge application process and how the college system fits into this.
Year 12-13 Personal statements and getting started with your applications This workshop, aimed at students applying to a broad range of universities, focuses more particularly on putting the first draft of a personal statement together, whilst also explaining how and why engaging in and reflecting on super-curricular activity supports a strong application.
Year 9-11 What next? This session gets students thinking about what it’s like to go to university. It highlights the benefits of higher education and asks students to think ahead to subject choices at age 16.
Year 7-8 Introduction to HE This session focuses on what university is like and why people go there. It prompts students to think about career paths, exploring what subjects they enjoy and where these might lead.

Live Sessions:

We have enjoyed offering live workshops via Zoom or Teams to students while we have all been at home. We will continue to offer these when schools return as an alternative to visiting your school. We can set up calls with classrooms and share our screen and camera on a projector for whole classes. We would normally use for interaction with students. This is an online platform where students can contribute to ideas clouds, polls and Q&As via their phones or computers. If you are a teacher and would like more information or to arrange a live remote session, please email We’d be delighted to hear from you!

We are offering most of our normal sessions remotely. We can adjust any of the standard sessions above while delivering them live to suit your students’ particular needs. Additionally, we are offering the following sessions live:

Admissions Test Workshops: These are for students applying for courses/ universities that require an admissions test. This primarily includes those applying to Oxbridge and for Medicine courses. The session explores what these tests are for, what they are testing and how to prepare effectively for them.

Interview Workshops: These are for students who have applied for Oxford or Cambridge and may be called for an interview. This session focuses on what to expect, what they are for and how to prepare. It’s important for students to understand that Oxbridge interviews are not like normal job interviews, they are essentially an academic conversation. In the interview, students will be stretched and challenged; tutors are interested in how the student thinks in their subject and are less interested in them finding the ‘correct’ answer. We hope that this workshop will provide the information needed for students to feel reassured about this part of the application process. Oxford interviews will be held online this year so this online workshop will give students an insight into what this might be like.

If you are interested in the possibility of delivering any of our skill-building ‘Oxplore’ sessions live, please get in touch. We’d be very happy to explore this with you!

Visit our college YouTube channel for videos about life and study at Oxford and Trinity!