Digital Resources for Offer Holders

New Students Page:

For practical advice about preparing to start your studies, please have a look at our New Starters Page. It contains a helpful checklist of things you may need to do before your arrival and information about your first few weeks here, among other things.

Managing the Cost:

For practical advice about university finances, have a look at this podcast in which some Oxford students and staff discuss managing finance and the support available here.

That Oxford Girl:

This is a wonderful online resource that has been put together by Tilly, an ex- Oxford student. It aims to share the student perspective on applying to and going to Oxford University and contains lots of useful information and advice. You can find the homepage here.

Wall of Faces:

The wall of faces is lots of short videos of students talking about some aspect of their time at Oxford and aims to give prospective students an idea of the variety of experiences available here.


OxVlog is run by the Oxford Students Union and collates weekly video blogs by current students talking about their lives. They feature everything from academic work, student societies, and social activities and aim to be short, informative, and honest snapshots of student life. They can be found here.

Virtual Tour of Oxford:

If you’re wondering where your college or department is geographically or want to check out what different parts of the city look like, here’s a virtual tour.


Please do stay connected with us on Twitter for essential student news and events. Your college may also have a useful equivalent page. If you are a Trinity Offer Holder, our Twitter page can be found here.