Message from the President

A Message from the President following the publication of Oxford University’s first Annual Admissions Statistical Report

This morning Oxford University published its first Annual Admissions Statistical Report, drawing together data about undergraduate admissions for the University as a whole over five admissions cycles between 2013 and 2017.

A summary of the Report is available on the University’s website.

In parallel with the report’s publication, the University is announcing a substantial expansion of its flagship UNIQ summer school for UK state school students, which will increase the number of places available by 500.

There is a lot of good news in the Report, as well as evidence that there is still a great deal to do. While the collegiate university is moving in the right direction on the great majority of measures to do with under-represented groups, I have decided to write about the figures as they relate to Trinity because they present a challenge which we are determined to address.

On the one hand, aggregated college data for 2015-17 shows that Trinity is joint 9th in the number of UK black students it admits, and our percentage of female undergraduates is near parity at 48.5%.  In other respects, however, there is much to be done.  Trinity compares less favourably during the years 2015-17 for admission of students from a number of under-represented groups and we are committed to addressing this.

Work is already underway.

In identifying our priorities for the next five years, Trinity’s Governing Body has resolved that Access will be one of our key strategic priorities.  We are therefore taking the following actions:

  • creating a new role of Head of Access, reporting directly to the President
  • developing our schools outreach programme in Oxfordshire and the North East, and increasing our investment in access activity
  • expanding our current role in proven University-wide outreach programmes, such as UNIQ and Target Oxbridge, which offer transformational experiences for their participants and in which we are a proud partner


Our aim is to achieve at least the University median of state-school and under-represented groups as Trinity undergraduates by 2023 and for Trinity to be recognised as a modern college that welcomes a diverse and widely representative community, in which international, UK state and independent school students all have a place, and students of all backgrounds feel equally valued, supported and able to flourish.

This is a wonderful place in which to study, live and work.  We want to encourage talented young people of all backgrounds to apply – and discover for themselves that this is a place for people like them.

Hilary Boulding

President, Trinity College

23 May 2018

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