Living room video concerts for lockdown

A recent Trinity College alumnus has created a way for music fans to hire professional musicians for video conference concerts. Lockdown Presents was founded by Steffen Hoyemsvoll, who graduated from Trinity in 2011 and is designed to match music enthusiasts with performing artists who have been left struggling during the pandemic with the closure of venues and cancellation of performances.

The concept was founded as a way of supporting the performing arts by Mr Hoyemsvoll and his partner after they organised a birthday recital via Zoom for his partner’s grandmother, who was shielding in South Wales during the pandemic. Lockdown Presents is now made of up of a performance community of professional classical, opera, acoustic guitar and jazz musicians who receive 80 percent of the income charged to customers, with the remaining 20 percent donated to charities Mind, Age UK and Refuge, while tips are given entirely to the artists.

Mr Hoyemsvoll says: ‘Our main aim is to create a pipeline of paid work for professional (self-employed) musicians who’ve been left high and dry with no work or income, whilst also supporting three partner charities, and widening people’s access to live performance of their favourite music on video conference calls. It’s proving to be a real thrill for people who love music ranging from opera and classical to jazz and rock.’

Posted: 22 June 2020

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