Literary Allusion in Harry Potter

Beatrice Groves, Research Lecturer and Tutor in English, has published a book that explores the great works of literature drawn on by J K Rowling in the Harry Potter series.

Each chapter of Literary Allusion in Harry Potter consists of an in-depth discussion of the intersection between Harry Potter and a canonical literary work, such as the plays of Shakespeare, the poetry of Homer, Ovid, the Gawain-poet, Chaucer, Milton and Tennyson, and the novels of Austen, Hardy and Dickens, with the aim of transforming the reader’s understanding of Rowling’s literary achievement as well as to encourage the discovery of works with which they may be less familiar.

The book was launched at Christ Church, which is one of a number of  Oxford locations that was used in the filming of the novels.

‘The aim of this book is to delight Potter fans with a new perspective on their favourite books while harnessing that enthusiasm to increase their wider appreciation of literature.

Posted: 29 June 2017

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The book can be purchased on the publisher's website with a discount of 20% with code FLR40

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