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Demolition works briefing

The work to remove the existing buildings and clear the site for the Levine Building project will start at the end of Trinity Term 2019.

There are some key areas of Trinity College’s main site that will be impacted during the works and will be happening in 2019 and beyond:

Cumberbatch Building

Some of the meeting room furniture and equipment will be moving to the Temporary Building on the North Lawn from 3rd June 2019.

Clearance of the Cumberbatch building’s accommodation will start from 24th June 2019.

From 1st July the strip out of the Cumberbatch building will commence.  The demolition of the block will be completed carefully floor by floor and will take place over the summer of 2019.


The setup of the demolition contractor’s compound will start from 24th June in the area between the Cumberbatch Building and Parks Road.  The gardener’s facilities will be cleared from this area throughout July.

This area will continue to be prepared in the build up to the main contractor’s works throughout the rest of 2019.  Archaeological monitoring will be in place throughout the groundworks.

Hoarding and tree protection fencing will be installed during summer 2019.  There will be no access to what will be the construction site from then until 2021.

Lawns and Parks Road

A new temporary building is now located on the North Lawn to provide an alternative study area to the library and replace the use of the Danson and Britton Rooms.  This will be in use throughout the building work on the Levine Building.

The South Lawn will start to change from 1st July.  There will be hoarding enclosing much of the South Lawn and leading up to the Stuart Gates on Parks Road.  The hoarding will initially be in place for drainage works due to be carried out over the summer of 2019.  Up until 2021 the hoarding will be in place to provide a secure compound for use by the main contractors working on the Levine Building.

There will be trenching works to the paths around the South Lawn throughout July 2019 to new services routes.

The metalwork elements of the Stuart Gates will be removed from site until 2021; this will allow the gates to undergo necessary conservation repairs.  A temporary gate will be put in place and the stonework to the piers on either side will protected and encased in a timber hoarding.

It is planned that the pedestrian gate alongside the Stuart Gates will remain accessible to provide access onto Parks Road.

The garden gates located on Parks Road are being widened as part of the project.

Memorial Library

We will look to avoid disruption to the Library and its services throughout June (including Trinity 9th week).  From 1st July the entrance into the Library becomes part of the demolition site.  A new temporary entrance will be provided to the upper level of the Library from Library Quad.

The platform lift which provides access to the upper level of the Library and the Danson Room will be removed; this will limit wheelchair access to the Library and this will continue throughout the works until new provision is made in the Levine Building Library Reception.

Library Quad

The area in front of the Library will be enclosed by hoarding from summer 2019 onwards, this hoarding will continue up to the area of the Wilderness.

There will be temporary locations for some of the retained mechanical equipment behind the hoarding.

Temporary gardener’s facilities will be located in the Library Quad from summer 2019 and into 2020.  These will include sheds and polytunnels.

Once the Library Quad is cleared of temporary facilities in 2021 it will be landscaped with a new lawn, water feature, a triptych of trees and new seating areas.

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