Levine Building project: current & prospective student information

Our vision is for Trinity to be recognised as a modern college that welcomes a diverse and widely representative community, in which the best UK and international students and academics of all backgrounds are supported and able to deliver their best work. Our students’ need are uppermost in our minds. We aim to support them academically, social, and to ensure their well-being.

Whilst the college’s academic community, and its international reputation, have developed in recent years, our accommodation and facilities have not kept pace. The new Levine Building will transform our academic facilities, residential accommodation, social spaces and physical access, and improve our provision for graduates.

In particular, new facilities provided by the building will free up space for additional study bedrooms, enabling us to offer on-site accommodation to all first-year postgraduate students. This will enhance the experience for graduates and strengthen the academic and social community.

Students will also benefit from 46 new spacious ensuite study bedrooms, along with two kitchens and a new student laundry. The library will be improved through the addition of a reception area, librarian’s office and and 20 additional formal study spaces. Student services will be easier to access via a central office.

Music practice rooms and an auditorium capable of accommodating performances will enhance their leisure activities and a cafe, overlooking the wilderness, will provide a space for meetings, informal study and socialising.

The building will also allow us to better serve the needs of disabled students through the creation of eight fully-accessible bedrooms, fully compliant facilities, and permanent wheelchair access to two floors of the existing library.

What provision will be made for students resident in college during building works?

All students will benefit from the improvements the finished Levine Building will offer to the student experience, and the main college grounds and activities will continue to be open and ongoing as usual throughout the building project. We are making special provisions for those students who will be affected by the ongoing building works, including the addition of a temporary building that will provide excellent facilities including quiet study space, function and meeting rooms, a kitchen and washing facilities.

Where can I find more information?

Levine Building project FAQs