Jamie, Chemistry

“It is often said that Chemistry is the central science, and the course here at Oxford certainly reflects that.”

I primarily applied to Oxford due to the unique nature of the Chemistry course – the opportunity to dedicate my entire final year to research really stood out to me. For a long time, I had been considering studying Medicine, but while studying my A levels I became fascinated by the way in which fundamental interactions between molecules lead to everything we see it in the wider world. It is often said that Chemistry is the central science, and the course here at Oxford certainly reflects that.

While the course is fast-paced, the overview it gives both of Chemistry and its interplay with the other sciences has been incredibly satisfying. In my final year, I’ve been able to spend the entire year performing research on a topic which really interests me and allows me to put what I learned over the past few years into practice at the front-line of science.

Now I work full-time in the lab, so my day begins around 9am when I get into the office and check over any data from the previous day and plan my experiments. Often this involves chatting to other people in my lab group – the chemistry department is really collaborative and provides a really great environment in which to do science.

When I’m not in the lab, I am on the committee of one of the largest student volunteering groups in Oxford. We work with homeless people, the elderly and children with special educational needs. There is a huge range of ways to get involved with the local community in Oxford and I find it an incredibly rewarding way to spend time outside of my studies.

Trinity is a wonderful college to be at, I especially love the size of the community. Having about 300 students in the College creates a real family atmosphere, so that you can always turn up to lunch or dinner – with, I think, some of the best food in Oxford – and find people you know. This strong sense of community, which I first sensed on an open day, is what drew me to the College. Its central location, wide-open quads, beautiful grounds and, most importantly, family atmosphere make Trinity a wonderful College to be at.