Helping the survivors of Ebola

A Washington Post report on the health problems faced by the survivors of Ebola highlights the involvement of alumnus Ian Yeung (1996).

The World Health Organisation is calling the situation an emergency within an emergency. Ian Yeung has been posted to Liberia as part of the US Government response to Ebola. He is researching inflammation in the eye (uveitis) in Ebola survivors, many of whom experience problems with hearing and vision, amongst other physical and emotional symptoms. Changes in vision have been reported by about 25 per cent of the survivors who have been seen by medics, including severe inflammation of the eye that if untreated can result in blindness.


Posted: 28 August 2015

Read the Washington Post report

Follow the link to read the report (in which, mysteriously, Ian Yeung's name is given as Zan Yeong).