'Feminae Trinitas' exhibition launched
Photo of the portraits by exhibition photographer Robert Taylor

Photo of the portraits by exhibition photographer Robert Taylor

‘Feminae Trinitatis’, a student-led photographic portrait exhibition of some notable female Fellows and alumnae, has opened in Trinity’s dining Hall.

The exhibition, by photographer Robert Taylor, will hang in the Dining Hall during 2017.

The exhibition celebrates the outstanding achievements and wide variety of careers enjoyed by this small selection of Trinity graduates and Fellows.   After centuries in which portraits of prominent men have lined the walls of the college hall, it also highlights Trinity’s commitment to promoting equal opportunities for all. Alongside the individual portraits is a group portrait of female staff and academics, recognising their invaluable contribution and dedication to college life.

The exhibition portraits will join those of Sir Thomas Pope, the college’s founder, and his wife, the Lady Elizabeth, who assumed the role of foundress after her husband’s death. The other historic oil portraits of Trinity men have been moved to the Dining Hall balcony, from where they glance down at the contemporary and informal photographic portraits of trailblazers in the arts, business, charity, the forces, politics, science and sport, being given their turn on the walls.

The exhibition runs from 23 January, and members of the public are invited to visit Trinity, where the exhibition will remain on show until the end of 2017.

Posted: 23 January 2017

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