Exploring the Brexit Deal's Unpopularity

Ahead of the ‘meaningful vote’ on the government’s Brexit deal on 15 January, Stephen Fisher, Fellow and Tutor in Political Sociology, has published an analysis looking at why the deal has proved so unpopular among voters.

Using YouGov polling data from 18-19 December 2018, Dr Fisher suggests that opposition from people who want to remain in the EU, reluctance to support a Conservative policy by non-Tory voters and a distinct lack of enthusiasm among the politically disengaged are behind the low support numbers for the deal. The analysis concludes that the government has not been persuasive in its arguments appealing to voters to back the deal.

The analysis by Dr Fisher was co-authored by Professor Tim Bale of Queen Mary, University of London. It is published for What UK Thinks, a project created by the NatCen social research agency in partnership with The UK in a Changing Europe, an independent research initiative at King’s College London, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council.

Posted: 14 January 2019

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