Women Portraits in Hall


from 23 January 2017

The exhibition in the college’s Hall is open during college opening hours

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Trinity College is  holding a photographic portrait exhibition, ‘Feminae Trinitatis’, in the Dining Hall, from January 2017 and continuing into 2018.


Photo of the portraits, by exhibition photographer Robert Taylor

From exhibition organisers, Hannah Walters and Charly Treiber:

As current Trinity students, it is both humbling and motivating to hear of the great achievements of Trinity alumni after their time at Oxford. This student-led exhibition is being held both to celebrate these achievements, and to highlight Trinity’s collective belief that equal opportunity should be afforded to everyone.

The portraits

Trinity is blessed with a seemingly endless supply of inspirational figures, past and present. For this occasion, we commissioned photographic portraits of a carefully selected (and certainly not exhaustive!) list of sixteen female Fellows and alumnae, from a diverse range of professional backgrounds.

The portraits are an impressive and inspirational tribute to the sitters’ achievements, but they also represent the achievements of a much wider community of individuals. We have also included a portrait showing just some of the female staff, lecturers and Fellows of Trinity, recognising their invaluable contributions and dedication to student and college life.

The exhibition

The exhibition will be open from Monday 23 January, for the rest 2017. We would be delighted if you managed to pay Trinity a visit during this time to take a look at the portraits. The project is accompanied by a booklet (with an online version appearing here soon), which will include some of the exciting stories of the sitters, and some more information about the women at Trinity.

For more information please check our website womenattrinity.com, which will be regularly updated.

We hope that you will enjoy the exhibition!

Photo of the portraits, by exhibition photographer Robert Taylor

Photo of the portraits, by exhibition photographer Robert Taylor