'Ethnic Penalty' Election Research

Stephen Fisher, Fellow and Tutor in Political Sociology, has undertaken analysis that reveals that black and Asian candidates face an ‘ethnic penalty’ in elections, seeing lower increases in their vote share than white candidates in the same parties. 

The analysis by Dr Fisher found that where the Tories fielded minority ethnic candidates last year in seats where they had not done so in 2015, the party’s share of the vote rose by 1.6 points – significantly lower than the national increase of 5.2 points. In seats where white Tory candidates stood but where a minority ethnic candidate had stood in 2015, the vote share increased by 6.5 points, suggesting ‘an apparent 3.6-point ethnic penalty’.

Dr Fisher’s research appears in The British General Election of 2017, edited by Philip Cowley and Denis Kavanagh and is reported in the Guardian.

Posted: 5 December 2018

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