Digitally recording ancient sites at risk

An alumnus of Trinity College, Roger Michel (1984), has been interviewed on Radio 4’s Today programme, speaking about how the Institute for Digital Archaeology, of which he is executive director, is creating digital records of the many ancient sites at risk from ‘Islamic State’ militants.

This week images were published that appeared to show the destruction of the Temple of Baalshamin at the ancient ruins of Palmyra in Syria. The Oxford-based IDA is creating permanent 3-D records of objects and sites, including those which have may not been documented, or only in a less comprehensive way, while also creating a clear provenance for objects which may be looted.

Roger Michel told Today, ‘It’s heartbreaking to watch the images, these are things once gone that can never be replaced… Digital archaeology, in my view, is the best hope that we have for preserving the architecture, the art history, of these sites.’

Posted: 28 August 2015