A sign instructing visitors to the Trinity Chapel to use hand sanitiser in the foreground, with a pair of hands pumping the hand sanitiser bottle in the background.


Guidance for Trinity Academics & Staff

Latest COVID-19


Thank you to all staff who are adjusting to the new government and University advice and changing the way you work. We have all had to learn COVID-awareness, affecting almost every aspect of our life and behaviour, and a huge amount of work has gone into our plans for this academic year to ensure continuity of College life.

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Key Information

For All Staff

The welfare of our staff, fellows and lecturers is our absolute priority, and we will continue to provide as much advice, care and support as we can. The information and resources below will ensure you understand the measures Trinity and the university are undertaking to keep you safe, while allowing you to work and take part in college life as much as possible.

The main Oxford University COVID19 Response pages for staff contain the most up to date and detailed information for college and university staff, including guidance on the university’s face coverings policy and information about the Early Alert testing service; home-working and wellbeing support for staff who will be continuing to work remotely, and information about teaching and supporting students under the new arrangements.

You can view detailed information about changes to college life in the student FAQs here

The College is now operating under the restrictions of the latest government-imposed lockdown.

The University is currently in Stage 3 of its business continuity planning framework. This means that while University and college buildings will remain open for on-site working and research, teaching and learning will need to take place online for the time being, apart from the courses outlined in government guidance where in-person teaching is permitted.

More information about the arrangements for Trinity term and the return of students to Oxford can be found on the central university's student coronavirus webpages.

Oxford expects to be able to offer regular asymptomatic testing to all staff and students working or studying on-site, ahead of the return of students in Trinity term. We have been very careful to reduce the risks of transmission in education settings, and this will continue to be a focus. Further details about regular asymptomatic testing will follow in the near future.

Please consult the latest updates on the University's Staff COVID-19 pages for information about travel, onsite working, childcare and nursery arrangements under lockdown, and wellbeing support.

What to do if you have COVID-19 symptoms

If you are concerned about possible COVID symptoms, please see University guidance at

Meetings and policy on guests

We are asking all Trinity members not to invite guests into College for meals or to meet socially, as we are keen to minimise the number of people onsite.

If you need to arrange a College meeting, please continue to use Teams wherever possible. If you must meet in person, then please use the outdoor marquee or meet in a well- ventilated office, with social distancing in place at all times.

Easter Vacation and

Trinity Term Meal Arrangenments

Please note: The dining hall, kitchen and Beer Cellar will be closed to all staff and SCR dining from Monday 15th March through Sunday 11th April and no meals will be available. 

SCR Dining 

Dining will be available for lunch only from Monday 12th April through Friday 16th April; serving will be available in the Old Bursary / SCR Dining Room from 12:00 to 12:30pm. 

From Monday 19th April (0th week): lunch and dinner service will resume until further notice. 

Meal times

Monday to Friday. 3 Sittings: 12.30pm – 1pm, 1pm – 1.30pm and 1.30pm – 2pm

Monday – Friday. 1 Sitting: 7pm – 8pm 

Meal signup information

To book into a meal, go to and follow instructions for signing up.

There are a maximum of 10 places available for each sitting, with 30 minutes available to have your meal. Whichever sitting you sign up for, please be sure to arrive promptly, but not before, the start time for that sitting.

The cutoff time for all online sign-up meals is now 24 hours prior to that sitting.

There will be 6 places in the Old Bursary and 4 in the SCR Dining Room. Food will be plated by a member of SCR staff and handed to you.

There will be no guest spaces available for lunch or dinner.

COVID-safe dining arrangements in Trinity Term

Covid restrictions are still and will remain in place throughout Trinity Term, but will continue to be reviewed in line with Government and University guidelines; they include the following measures:

  • A one way system into, through and out of, the Old Bursary and SCR. Entry will be through the door from Chapel Quad and exit will be through the Fellows Garden gate into Front Quad (clear signage remains in place). 
  • Hand Sanitiser stations will be available in both dining areas.
  • Socially Distanced seating in the Old Bursary, (6), and SCR Dining Room, (4).
  • Clear signage and instructions for those coming in to eat.
  • Increased cleaning / sanitising rotas by SCR Staff in place.
  • PPE worn by SCR staff when entering the Old Bursary or SCR Dining Room.

We ask you to please follow instructions on signage and from staff closely, in order to keep diners and staff safe.

College Staff Dining

From Monday 12th April pre-ordered sandwiches or hot lunches will be available. 

Hot lunch
Hot Lunch service in the Dining Hall from 11.45am. 

Staff should take their meal to the Beer Cellar and you must use the sign-up sheet in the Lodge to order hot Lunches. You should sign up for these by midday on Thursdays, for the whole of the following week. If you have not signed up, we will not be able to provide lunch.
Packed lunch bag
Sandwiches can be ordered from the Beer Cellar and collected each day along with crisps and snacks. 

The Beer Cellar

There will be no Beer Cellar service from Monday 15th March through Sunday 11th April.

From Monday 12th April the Beer Cellar will be open for coffees, sandwiches and snacks until further notice on a takeaway basis only. Opening hours will be as follows:

Monday through Sunday, 10:00 to 11:45am
Open to all for takeaway

Monday Through Sunday, 11:45am to 1pm
Open for College staff lunch only

Monday to Sunday, 1pm to 3pm
Open to all for takeaway

In term time the Beer Cellar will operate an evening take-away drinks service (hours tbc). Students may purchase alcoholic drinks to take into the marquee. As with other hospitality services, drinks must be consumed in the marquee and not taken away to rooms or other indoor venues. The rule of six (with social distancing in effect for members outside the same household) will apply at all times. Members of a single household can continue to gather and consume drinks in the marquee without the need for social distancing, but no household group mixing should occur.