COVID-19: Message from the President

Dear Members, Alumni and Friends of Trinity:

I want to keep you up to date with the current situation at Trinity as staff are working very hard to ensure that all members of the College are able to comply with the guidance being provided nationally.

We are very mindful that the Covid-19 (coronavirus) situation makes for an anxious time for many members of our community, especially those who have pre-existing health conditions, have family members in high-risk groups, or have friends and family in other affected countries.

Governmental guidance in response to the coronavirus pandemic is being regularly updated. We encourage everyone, wherever you are, to familiarise yourself with it and do your best to comply. We all have a role to play in protecting not just ourselves and our families, but reducing the impact of the virus on the vulnerable, as well as the NHS and our economy.

Here at Trinity, we are feeding into decisions that the University is taking and supporting them in that decision making. Your first port of call for any questions about how the University will be operating should be its coronavirus advice and guidance page: This page is updated as soon as any university-level decisions are made. Any information about teaching, assessments, admissions or examinations next term will be updated here first. I hope you will appreciate that staff are working hard to achieve the best outcomes for all members of the Trinity community. This will be a long-term process, and will require patience and understanding from all of us.

At Trinity, as across the University, we have moved to a new way of working:

  1. Staff presence on the site is at the minimum level necessary to provide essential services and keep core operations running.
  2. All other staff, including academics, are working from home. Technical provision and guidance is being provided and prioritised currently to supporting the most immediate essential services.
  3. The majority of Trinity’s students are working from home.
  4. The wellbeing of the small number of students remaining in College accommodation is being monitored and we are regularly checking in to ensure they have what they need and are coping. We have designated particular staircases for self-isolation where this becomes necessary and segregated accommodation for our on-site students into a few designated staircases. This has allowed the College to close down other staircases, thus making it easier to maintain essential services to the small number of remaining residents.
  5. Systems to provide wellbeing remotely are in place and our college website has dedicated areas for students and staff with updates, resources and guidance. Please visit our COVID-19 pages for more information.
  6.  We have cancelled all external commercial events and non-essential College events for the foreseeable future.

These are unprecedented steps for the College to take. I am hugely proud of the whole Trinity community, which, as ever, is pulling together in extraordinary circumstances. Our physical site may be largely closed, but our activities and sense of community are as strong as ever.

Whilst the College’s site is closed, the majority of our staff continue to work from home, so please be assured that we are contactable and available to respond to queries and to support our community from a distance.

I know you will all be concerned for your friends and loved ones; it is as important as ever that we all try to live up to the college values of being inclusive, supportive, collaborative, and mindful of the world around us. Keep in contact virtually with your Trinity friends and colleagues and provide practical help if you can to those who may need it.

I hope this update has been informative and reassuring, and I want you to know that we recognise how painful it is to have to stay separated when we most want and need to come together. A lot of people are finding new ways to work as hard as ever to ensure we can fulfil our duty of care to all members of Trinity.

With warmest wishes to you and those you hold dear,

Hilary Boulding


Posted: 20 March 2020
Updated 26 May 2020

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