Cooking with Jules during lockdown

Trinity’s dining hall may be closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but Head Chef Julian Smith is keeping busy during lockdown producing step-by-step recipes for those who miss the college’s excellent dining hall food.

While he and his staff are no longer producing large meals for students and staff on site, Smith and his team are photographing their cooking and recipes while on lockdown, and they are being posted on the college’s Instagram page (@trinitycollegeox) and online.

Recipes so far have included lasagne, chicken coconut curry with homemade pilau rice and naan bread, and a recipe for the gluten-free brownies that are a favourite dessert when hall is open.

Julian Smith says: ‘I have initially struggled but after three weeks of family isolation I have finally got some structure to my daily routine. On Sunday I plan the dinner menus for the coming week, incorporating at least two dishes to write up with pictures for our students.

‘Around 6pm most days I will make preparations for dinner, this has now turned into the main event of the day! In our small family we have one gluten-free pescatarian, one lactose-intolerant vegetarian and an eleven month old baby – so just like a smaller version of Trinity!’

The recipes are now online here; new recipes are being added weekly and requests are welcome; please email

Posted: 5 May 2020

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