Congratulations to 2020 finalists

In a year of unprecedented disruption, Trinity’s 88 finalists have achieved an outstanding set of results, including the highest number of first-class degrees awarded on record for the college.

43 finalists were awarded firsts in their subject, with MMaths finalists all achieving first-class degrees. Biochemistry, Chemistry, Materials, Medicine, Physics, PPE, History and Classics all had 50% or more Firsts, and several students in Biochemistry and PPE came in the top 5% of their cohort. Among this year’s finalists were also the winner of a Congratulatory First in Classics, and the winner of the Gladstone Thesis Prize in History.

College Senior Tutor Valerie Worth says: ‘We are proud of our students who have earned exceptional marks in their studies, and equally want to pay a very warm tribute to the many students who achieved strong II.1s, with a consistent mark profile indicating their academic commitment and determined efforts in the face of the adversities of Trinity Term 2020.

‘Across all classes of degree, tutors and those who have supported welfare and wellbeing in Trinity over the year will be aware just how much individuals had to contend with to achieve their Oxford degree. We are very happy that, with the support of their tutors and – in this year’s lockdown especially – their families and friends, this cohort of finalists had the confidence to complete their courses, and we wish them the very best of luck as they move forward to their next plans. We look forward to celebrating with them when they return to Oxford for their graduation.’

Posted: 17 August 2020

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