Congratulations to 2019 finalists!

Congratulations to Trinity’s 85 finalists, who have recently received the good news that they have successfully completed their undergraduate degree. Of our 85 finalists, 28 obtained Firsts, 52 II.1s, and 5 II.2s. All students will graduate with either a first- or second-class degree, a result which is a tribute to their hard work and the inspired teaching they have received at Trinity. The College also thanks the welfare team and support staff for their care of all finalists.

At least half the finalist cohorts in Biochemistry, Chemistry, Law, Maths, Modern Languages and Physics graduate with Firsts – a particularly impressive set of results. Some students also achieved the distinction of being among the highest-ranked in their subject across the whole University: well done to those who came in the top 3% of their cohort in Biochemistry, Engineering and English, and to the History and Politics student who has won the prestigious prize for the best dissertation by any final-year History student in the university.

Posted: 23 July 2019

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