The college has a long and distinguished history of teaching Classics and many of those who studied the subject have an abiding love for it.

Peter Brown, Trinity’s widely-respected Classics Fellow for more than forty years, had the foresight to recognise that the future of the subject could be at risk on his retirement; more than ten years ago, he started to raise money to endow the Classics Fellowship.  He was succeeded in 2011 by Gail Trimble and under her guidance, the subject goes from strength to strength.

The cost of endowing the Fellowship stands at £2.5 million and the fundraising is going from strength to strength.   To date, the fund has passed £2.1 million  and the college continues to invite those with a passion for Classics to contribute to the realisation of this target.   228 people have made a donation at some point during the campaign, many of them on more than one occasion and a number have done so as a result of invitations to Classics events in College.

We cannot thank enough all those who have supported this fund and are helping to secure the future of Classics at Trinity.

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