Restoration of the Chapel

From April 2015 Trinity’s chapel will be undergoing an extensive programme of renovation and restoration.

In 2010 a report into the state of the chapel revealed that the exquisite Grinling Gibbons carvings, the plasterwork and the paintings were in need of particular attention, alongside a comprehensive programme of cleaning. The organ will be refurbished as part of the programme of works. Works to stabilise the deteriorated stonework on the east wall and deal with problems of damp were undertaken in 2013. Watch a film of the restoration work

January 2016

The work is now in the final stages and several exciting changes have taken place in recent weeks.

The plasterwork, ceiling painting and windows have been cleaned and repaired, the walls and ceilings repainted, and the Isaac Williams’ window re-installed. The internal scaffolding has been removed, in stages, to allow refitting of the woodwork and installation of the lighting at different levels of the building. Much of the effect of the work can already be seen, with the higher levels of the building and the windows now visible in their restored glory – though there is still plenty to be done at ground level.

Alan Lamb and his team have begun to bring back the carvings from their workshop and the removal of the staining has revealed both the craftsmanship and the quality of the lime-wood and cedar in particular.

The pews have also been returned to College and the process of relaying the flooring and installing the pews is underway. There is still much woodwork still to refit and work on returning the organ to its case has yet to begin.

Update seven – posted 26 January 2016

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