Arts Week

Trinity Arts Week, in 3rd week of Trinity term, presented a busy programme of panel events, talks and workshops, on music, poetry, media, drama and art.

A week-long exhibition, ‘Their name liveth for evermore: commemorating Trinity’s fallen’, was held in the Hall, with photos taken by student Maddie Parr as part of project sponsored by the Trinity Society. The imaginative and evocative photographs of the graves and memorials of some of the Trinity men killed in the First World War were accompanied by texts recording the histories of the those commemorated.

Musical entertainments included Trinity musicians performing during breakfast and lunch in Hall, a masterclass with Old Member  Mary-Janet Leith, a Jazz performance, the Trinity Singers Summer Concert and an Open mic night.

Simon Armitage, Honorary Visiting Fellow and Oxford Professor of Poetry, led a poetry workshop, and then joined a panel discussion on the ‘Future of poetry’ with Old Member, artist and writer Roma Tearne, award-winning author Bernadine Evaristo,  performance poet Joelle Taylor, writer, performer and musician Steve Larkin, and poet Rebecca Watts. Simon Armitage, Rebecca Watts and Joelle Taylor also joined forces for a poetry recital.

A day devoted to Drama included Old Member Olivia Hetreed talking about ‘Writing for the screen’ and a panel discussion on ‘Developing an audience’ with Old Members Ian Flintoff and Thomas Bewley, theatre director Sarah Esdaile, and Madeleine Potter.

The media day included talks by the President, ‘A Career in Arts Broadcasting’, and by editor-in-chief of The Week Jeremy O’Grady, ‘Entrepreneurial Journalism’; a student journalism panel, and a panel on ‘Imagery in the media’ (with Old Members Adrian Michaels, Charlotte Hunt-Grubbe, and BBC journalist Mohamed Madi, who were joined by documentary photographer and film-maker Alice Aedy, and writer Kathryn Lamb) covered the topic of the media, while an art day included a life drawing class with portrait artist Nick Bashall,  ‘Pimms and Painting’ on the Lawns and a ‘Paint Off’ with live music with Nick Bashall and Nicky Phillips.

Posted: 14 May 2018

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