Alexander M. Korsunsky recognised

Trinity Vice-President and Professor of Engineering Alexander M. Korsunsky has been elected Fellow of the Institute of Physics, a distinction that ‘indicates a very high level of achievement in physics and an outstanding contribution to the profession’.

The election was made in recognition of the outstanding role he plays in the advancement of the discipline, in particular in the application of physical methods to the study of the structure and properties of engineered and natural materials.

Professor Korsunsky leads a broad front of research into materials engineering, from structural integrity of advanced metallic alloys for aerospace to cathodes for lithium ion batteries to mineralised biological tissues. His current interests concern the study of mineralised biological tissues, including bone, dentine and enamel, for which he is studying healthy function alongside the effects of disease, such as dental caries (tooth decay), seeking to improve the existing approaches to combatting this major disease through the combination of advanced experiment and sophisticated modelling.

Professor Korsunsky’s work makes extensive use of synchrotron X-ray and neutron facilities, as well as advanced microscopy tools in his Multi-Beam Laboratory for Engineering Microscopy (MBLEM). Since 2014, Professor Korsunsky has served as Editor-in-Chief of Materials & Design.

Posted: 27 February 2020

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