Classics & the Ancient World Summer School

Trinity is giving bright students from state schools in Oxfordshire and surrounding areas a taste of Classics.

The programme builds on ‘OxLAT’, a new initiative run by the Classics Faculty for teaching Latin ab initio up to GCSE. Now in its second cohort, the scheme attracts over 100 applications for the twenty-five places each year from a diverse range of backgrounds. As Oxfordshire is one of Trinity’s link regions, Trinity takes those who have completed OxLAT  (now in Years 11 & 12) and offers an ‘advanced’ programme to continue with language acquisition in Latin and to introduce other areas of Classics.  Beginner’s Greek is taught alongside Latin and the curriculum is supplemented with taster sessions in diverse aspects of the ancient world including literature, philosophy, ancient history and archaeology (topics have included the emergence of the alphabet, the performance of ancient drama, Periclean Athens and Augustan Rome, Greek vases and Roman houses, and a variety of Greek and Roman authors).

The Programme comprises three day-schools and a week-long summer school in each year of the two-year cycle. The course is offered free of charge to participants, in return for which we expect them to work hard – and they do!  Exposure to the Classical world provides numerous educational benefits in its own right (including detailed language skills, cultural awareness, critical analysis) but we hope that for many of our students we are forging the start of a beautiful relationship with Classics, moving onto an undergraduate degree, perhaps at Oxford and maybe at Trinity.

Posted: 14 September 2018

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