Marianna Gray de Castro
Lecturer in Portuguese


I hold a B.A. and M.Phil in English and Modern Languages (Portuguese) from the University of Oxford, and a PhD. in Portuguese and Brazilian Studies/English (thesis on Fernando Pessoa and William Shakespeare) from King’s College London. I am currently a post-doctoral Research Fellow at the Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages (University of Oxford) and at the Programa em Teoria da Literatura, Faculdade de Letras (University of Lisbon).


I have taught Modern Portuguese and Brazilian literature (19th and 20th centuries) for the past ten years at the University of Oxford. In 2014, I also taught a 14-week postgraduate course about Fernando Pessoa and the writers and thinkers he most admired, at the University of Lisbon. I have supervised a Master’s thesis on Mário de Sá-Carneiro.

I have lectured and given tutorials on a range of authors including: Eça de Queirós, Machado de Assis, Clarice Lispector, Fernando Pessoa, Mário de Sá-Carneiro, Manuel Bandeira, and Mia Couto. I also teach translation classes.


Focussing on the Portuguese writer Fernando Pessoa’s wide-ranging influences, my research bridges different periods (Renaissance, Romantic, Modernist, etc.) and writers, as well as the fields of philology, historicism, textual criticism. I have experience working with archives and marginalia, queer theory, psychology, and comparative literature. I regularly disseminate my research at conferences in the United Kingdom and Portugal, and publish in both English and Portuguese.

Selected Publications

Fernando Pessoa’s Shakespeare: The Invention of the Human (2016)
Fernando Pessoa’s Modernity Without Frontiers: Influences, Dialogues and Responses, ed. Mariana Gray de Castro (2013), with Introduction
Amo como o Amor Ama: Escritos de Amor de Fernando Pessoa, ed. Mariana Gray de Castro (Portugal, 2013), with Introduction
‘Pessoa, Coleridge, homens de Porlock e dias triunfais: sobre génio, inspiração, interrupção e criação poética’, Revista Estranhar Pessoa, n.º 1; special issue about Pessoa’s Dia Triunfal (October 2014).
‘Pessoa and Keats’, Portuguese Literary and Cultural Studies, special issue Fernando Pessoa and English Literature, org. Jerónimo Pizarro e Patrício Ferrari (USA: Universidade de Massachussets-Dartmouth, 2014).