Maths at Trinity has been a wonderful experience; the tutors have always managed to strike the balance between stretching and supporting me – Matthew, Maths

Over 2019 and 2020, 75% of our students have achieved First-Class Honours degrees in Mathematics. Well done to them and their tutors!


Mathematics underpins much of the modern world. It is central to science, technology, medicine, and economics. A maths degree at Trinity will inspire you with the beauty of this powerful subject.

Our students obtain a rigorous understanding of modern mathematics, and are stretched to explore active areas of current research. We encourage a spirit of discovery; regardless of your background, if you have a passion and a talent for mathematics, this is a course that will fascinate you. It is hugely rewarding, and also challenging, so we look for outstanding students who show genuine excitement about the subject. A mathematics degree develops logical and independent thought that is highly valued by employers, and our recent graduates have gone on to a wide range of successful careers.

Our 2018 Mathematics freshers in their first week at Trinity

Trinity admits students for three- and four-year courses in Mathematics, as well as the joint school of Mathematics and Statistics. The syllabus is the same at all colleges, with students attending university-wide lectures at the Mathematical Institute (a short walk away). For the first two years, the lectures are accompanied by College tutorials or small-group classes (2-6 students), which happen in Trinity. These provide an intensive and personal education – an unrivalled opportunity to discuss work with the College’s academics. Regular problem sheets are set and marked, and form the focus for the tutorials, allowing us to respond directly to individuals’ strengths and needs. A typical week involves around 10 lectures and 2 or 3 tutorials, in addition to students’ independent work. For years three and four, when students choose from a wide range of specialist options, the teaching is organised by the Maths Institute, with college tutors providing overall academic advice and support.

Most tutorials are with the College’s two Fellows in Mathematics: Ian Hewitt, whose research is in fluid dynamics and mathematical modelling in Earth Sciences, and Melanie Rupflin, whose research is in partial differential equations. Additional tutorials are given by our College Lecturers and other academics.


Organising Tutor

Dr Ian Hewitt is the Organising Tutor for the undergraduate course in Mathematics at Trinity College.

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