John Davie
Lecturer in Classics


I am a College Lecturer in Classics at Trinity. I graduated from Glasgow University in 1972 and won a Snell Exhibition to Balliol where I wrote a thesis on Greek Tragedy, graduating B.Litt. in 1975. I taught Classics at Harrow from 1975 to 1984, when I moved to St. Paul’s School to become Head of Classics for the next 15 years, retiring in 2010.

As a member of the Visiting Panel of Lecturers for the Roman and Hellenic Societies and of the Virgil Society, I gave one of the Addresses at the 2013 meeting of the Horatian Society.


Since 1999 I have taught Classics at a number of Oxford colleges. At Trinity I teach language (especially unseen translation for Mods).

Research and Translations

My research takes the form of reading around particular authors required for translation (see below) and reading Greek and Roman history to complement university teaching. Areas of special interest are Homer and Tragedy, Virgil and Roman Satire, as well as the influence of Classics on later writers, especially Shakespeare and Milton.

I have published articles on the development of classical ideas in later literature, and authored the latest translation of Euripides for Penguin Classics (four vols.), a selection of the dialogues and essays of Seneca, and, most recently, the satires and epistles of Horace (both for Oxford World’s Classics). At present I am working on a new translation of some of Cicero’s philosophical essays, also for Oxford World Classics.