Jan Czernuszka
Fellow and Tutor in Materials Science

Materials undergraduates at Trinity regularly win University and National Awards.

Pumping Heart Tissue

Dr Czernuszka’s Research:

Pumping heart tissue; scaffold seeded with heart cells



My first degree was in Materials Science from Imperial College, London. I then moved to Cambridge to take a PhD in ceramics research and then moved to Oxford. My research is now within the general area of biomaterials. I have extensive collaborations both within the UK and internationally and regularly present invited lectures at major international conferences. I am also Technical Director of Oxtex Ltd (www.oxtex.com) a spinout from my research group that manufactures tissue expanders.


My tutorial teaching at Trinity covers the general areas of mechanical properties plus polymers and ceramics. These tutorials are given in small groups of two or three students. I share the tutorial teaching with my colleagues at Trinity, Mike Jenkins and Michael Moody. Within the Department of Materials I lecture on Composites, Ceramics and the Option course on Medical Materials (for which I give classes) as well as supervising practicals. I was until recently Chair of Faculty of Materials.


My research is based on examining natural systems from a Materials perspective. Currently, the main topics are Tissue Engineering and Tissue Expanders. On the tissue engineering side, my research group design, manufacture and test scaffolds for a range of potential structures within the musculoskeletal and cardiovascular fields: these include for example osteochondral devices and aortic heart valves. A video of an example of one of our scaffolds seeded with heart cells with collaborators from Amsterdam is shown in the short video. The second aspect of my research is on developing directionally controlled self expanding tissue expanders with an in-built time delay. The aim is to provide skin for plastic surgeons to treat burns, large wounds and genetic disorders such as cleft palate and syndactyly. We have a major long standing collaboration with the University of Malaya to treat cross bite.

Selected Publications

  • Sharma, A.; Sharma, N.L.; Lavy, C.B.; Kiltie, A.E.; Hamdy, F.C.; Czernuszka, J.T. Three-dimensional scaffolds: an in vitro strategy for the biomimetic modelling of in vivo tumour biology. Journal of Materials Science (2014), 49-7, 5809-5820.
  • Tilley, J.M.R.; Murphy, R.J.; Chaudhury, S.; Czernuszka, J.T.; Carr, A.J. Effect of tear size, corticosteroids and subacromial decompression surgery on the hierarchical structural properties of torn supraspinatus tendons. Bone Joint Res. (2014), 3-8, 252-261.
  • Yahyouche, A.; Xia, Z.D.; Triffitt, J.T.; Czernuszka, J.T.; Clover, A.J.P. Improved angiogenic cell penetration in vitro and in vivo in collagen scaffolds with internal channels. Journal of Materials Science in Medicine (2013), 24-6,1571-1580.