Dean Sheppard
Lecturer in Chemistry


I am a Lecturer in Physical and Theoretical Chemistry at Trinity. I also currently hold Lectureships at two other Oxford colleges, Merton and Magdalen, as well as teaching undergraduates at New College. I studied for my MChem degree at Magdalen College (2008-2012) before moving to New College for a DPhil in Physical and Theoretical Chemistry under the supervision of Professor Stuart Mackenzie.


At Trinity, I teach part of the undergraduate Physical Chemistry course, from Prelims (1st Year) to Final Honours School (3rd Year). I give tutorials for small groups of students to discuss the lecture course material in more detail. I also give problem classes and revision classes in larger groups, to cover the more numerical aspects of each topic.


My research is concerned with the photochemical spin dynamics of proteins, suggested to be the basis of the magnetic sense in some animals. It has involved the development of a range of highly sensitive optical cavity-enhanced techniques to detect very small changes in reactivity caused by an external magnetic field.

Selected Publications

Broadband Cavity-Enhanced Detection of Magnetic Field Effects in Chemical Models of a Cryptochrome Magnetoreceptor, J. Phys. Chem. B., 118, 4177, (2014)