Anil Gomes
Fellow and Tutor in Philosophy

Teaching philosophy is another way of doing philosophy


I am Fellow and Tutor in Philosophy at Trinity College, Oxford and an Associate Professor in Philosophy in the Faculty of Philosophy in the University of Oxford. My main research interests are in the philosophy of mind and Immanuel Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason and, in particular, on issues which arise at their intersection.

I studied for my undergraduate and graduate degrees in Oxford. After leaving Oxford I worked in the civil service and the Houses of Parliament before taking up a position at Birkbeck College in the University of London in 2008. I joined Trinity in 2011.



I teach a wide range of undergraduate papers. These include topic-based papers such as Ethics, Knowledge and Reality, and Philosophy of Mind, and historical papers such as Early Modern Philosophy and Philosophy of Kant.

I supervise graduate students at the BPhil and DPhil level on topics related to the Philosophy of Mind and Kant’s theoretical philosophy.



I’m interested in our ordinary thinking about mentality and, in particular, in the question of how our sensory and intellectual capacities interact in our engagement with the world. This is a deeply Kantian topic, and part of my work includes thinking through Kant’s writings on this topic. Kant held there to be a deep connection between our conscious engagement with the world and our self-conscious recognition of ourselves as subjects capable of engaging with the world. This is an intriguing and puzzling idea, and one which I think it worthwhile to pursue.

Two topics in particular have occupied my attention: the nature of our perceptual awareness; and our knowledge of and relation to others’ mind. Both are everyday mental phenomena which raise distinctively philosophical puzzles.

I am editing a collection on Kant and the Philosophy of Mind to be published by Oxford University Press..


Selected Publications

Copies of my papers can be found at Recent and forthcoming publications include:

  • ‘Kant on Perception: Naive Realism, Non-conceptualism and the B-Deduction’, Philosophical Quarterly (2014).
  • ‘Iris Murdoch on Art, Ethics and Attention’, The British Journal of Aesthetics (2013).
  • ‘Testimony and Other Minds’, forthcoming in Erkenntnis.
  • ‘Epicurean Aspects of Mental State Attribution’, co-authored with Matthew Parrott, forthcoming in Philosophical Psychology.