Restoration of the Chapel

From April 2015 Trinity’s chapel will be undergoing an extensive programme of renovation and restoration.

In 2010 a report into the state of the chapel revealed that the exquisite Grinling Gibbons carvings, the plasterwork and the paintings were in need of particular attention, alongside a comprehensive programme of cleaning. The organ will be refurbished as part of the programme of works. Works to stabilise the deteriorated stonework on the east wall and deal with problems of damp were undertaken in 2013. Watch a film of the restoration work

November 2015

The work of restoring the chapel is progressing well and is over half way to completion.

Recent dramatic changes include further cleaning of the windows, which positively sparkle following the removal of decades of grime; the windows on the south side have been completed and those on the north have only the outside to be done. The scaffolding which has been in place for cleaning the windows on the south side, allowing external lighting to be installed at the same time, is now in the process of being moved to the Durham Quad side.

The painting of the ceiling plasterwork and cornice is nearly finished, showing how much the simpler, more authentic colour scheme will affect the appearance of the whole chapel. The shields are being repainted, with colours to match the original, and the Berchet paintings have been cleaned and new, matt varnish applied.

At a lower level, the floor structure has been made, ready to go in after the internal scaffolding is removed in January, and floorboards have been cut to size and are about to be coloured. The pews are  in the process of being cleaned and waxed before they return to College. The internal woodwork is being cleaned and re-waxed, with missing pieces being replaced with newly-carved sections.

Behind the scenes, the first fix electrics are now complete.

Update six – posted: 24 November 2015

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